Link Viral Archie Tiktok Challenge Archie Mutprobe

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No wonder the world of the internet, especially social media, is always buzzing with various viral videos that decorate your social media accounts.

Not without news on this one archie battersbee tiktok which in various countries has become hot news by netizens.

Link Viral Archie Tiktok Challenge Archie Mutprobe

Link Viral Archie Tiktok Challenge Archie Mutprobe
Archie Tiktok Challenge Archie Mutprobe

Let’s review a little about this viral news, which made many netizens ask questions about this incident.

Tiktok is one of the applications that is currently widely used by many people around the world.

Even this application like it has been made a second media besides television to find some videos in it.

But what happens with this one is that tiktok will get a backlash from several parties over this incident.

What Is It Archie Battersbee Tiktok Challenge

Archie Battersbee took part in a social media trend called the “blackout challenge” but put himself at risk.

Then he was found by his mother in a state of unconsciousness, until kiini was taken to the hospital.

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His mother is convinced that he choked in doing blackout challenge of course this can harm her son.

Now Tiktok is being sued by the parents of two deceased children who allegedly also participated in the challenge.

Final Words

So this discussion may be useful and make the latest information for you, hopefully the incident can be made learning for anyone.

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